welcome to the wHS Orchestra store

Wheeler Orchestra families can now pay online with your credit card for student dues, merchandise and event fees through Secured Paypal payment!


                                                                           Make a donation to the Wheeler Orchestra!
                                                                        or mail to PO Box 680972  Marietta, GA  30068

*** Payment of your dues makes you a member of the Wheeler Orchestra Booster Club. which provides program support for workshops and visiting clinicians, an orchestra t-shirt, sheet music, music organization memberships, registration fees, lunches for required participation in Large Group Performance Evaluations (LGPE), pre-concert food and snacks, receptions, program printing costs, school instrument purchases, awards and scholarships, and business operating costs.

School-owned instrument use fee--$40

*Requested donation if using a school instrument in class

Optional Activity Fees

    All State Orchestra (due by August 31) $25:

No fees are being collected at this time. 

All Black uniform


    Dress (to keep)--$67

​Dress Rental--$25

*** Orchestra fee (Due ASAP)-- $80:

(770) 578-3266 x068


STREET: 375 Holt Rd, Marietta, GA 30068

MAILING: 30068, Marietta, Georgia, United States

Uniform Fees

Annual Rental of Tuxedo--$25

Tuxedo Shirt  (to keep)--$21

Tie and Cummerbund--$12